Ashita no Nadja [EN]

(12 of 12 chapters – Complete! 01/07/2012 – 11/01/2013)

Disponibile anche in italiano

Author: Izumi Todo (story) and Yui Ayumi (drawings)
Year: 2003-2004
Genres: adventure, romance, drama, historical

Beginning of the XX century. Nadja, a cheerful and nice girl, lives at Applefield orphanage, near London, England. Just before her thirteenth birthday, she is given a mysterious parcel, which contains her mother’s diary and the dress she wore at her first ball: her mum could be alive. Chased by two guys who want her brooch, memory of her mother, the girl joins a troupe of wandering artists. Together with them, she will travel around Europe in search for her mother.

Volume 1 Volume 1

Chapter 1 (01/07/2012)
Chapter 2 (21/07/2012)
Chapter 3 (20/08/2012)
Chapter 4 (31/08/2012)
Chapter 5 (16/09/2012)
Chapter 6 (11/10/2012)

Volume 2

Chapter 7 (27/10/2012)
Chapter 8 (07/11/2012)
Chapter 9 (24/11/2012)
Chapter 10 (11/12/2012)
Chapter 11 (24/12/2012)
Chapter 12 (end) (11/01/2013)

Volume 2

Raw and translation chapters 1-6 by MiyoChan, translation chapters 7-12 and editing by chiyako92.


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