She’s back

NadjaThe day has come: Ashita no Nadja is back, and this time is in English. Yay! I’m thrilled and I hope you share my excitement. If you are here, I suppose you already know the plot of Ashita no Nadja, but I’ll summarize it anyway, for all those who have never heard about this manga: Nadja is a young orphan girl who decides to travel with a wandering troupe to find her (still alive) mother, while escaping from two guys who want her brooch, her only memory of mum and dad.

This English version was made possible by a few people: MiyoChan and, well, I, your administrator, chiyako92. Miyo scanned the tankobons and translated the first one, while I translated the second one and edited them all. Scans are not perfect, sometimes they are shady and editing is not so good (I think I lost raws, so  I’m using the Italian scanlated version of last year, LOL), but, hey, that’s all we have! I’m not a Japanese or English native speaker (and I guess Miyo isn’t, too), so there may be errors: I apologize in advance.

What else could I say? Ah, yes, Mangacoalitions already scanlated chapter 1 about 9 years ago (their version was actually better than ours) and then discontinued the series. But here at ML, Nadja will end naturally and we will never drop it. I promise. Enjoy!